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The Silva Intuition System

Ken Coscia once said, “To trust your intuition you need to eliminate the distortion.”

What is intuition? Intuition is the gut feeling that one possesses from birth. That under the veil guides us through our life. It is the inner voice that we get for something being right or wrong. Intuitions do not have any logical explanations, it’s a feeling. While we are young, we display great creativity skills and inquisitiveness. We do what interests us. We are so full of energy that we dream even the impossible, but what happens as we grow adults? We lose our creative freedom; our intuitions stop responding to us and we get lost.

The Silva Intuition system works as a magic spell here. With the practice of the two most powerful Silva techniques, one can resonate with the vibes of the universe. And get answers to all the questions and problems with creative solutions. The person practicing the Silva intuition technique and Silva method meditation will be able to reprogram the brain. And achieve a higher level of consciousness, self-control, and improving decision-making skills. The regular application of this meditation will let you find the purpose of life. It will answer all your questions like why were you born on this planet?

Improving Intuition Through The Silva Method

The fact that the learning ability and IQ can be improved by mental training, was first observed and brought before the world by Jose Silva. Before him, everybody thought that mental ability and IQ was God-gifted, but his research in psychology changed history forever. Thus, he laid forward the Silva Method.

The Silva method is a mind-control, self-help, and meditation program, which helps one connect with the divine frequencies of the universe thereby channelizing the energy into oneself to create miracles.

Benefits of The Silva Intuition

The programs like the Silva mind control, Silva method of meditation, and Silva intuition connect you with the higher intelligence. It makes you a part of this great universe and improves your confidence in making decisions in every sphere of life.

With the help of this technique you:

  • Refine your intelligence.
  • Control your dreams to get creative solutions and revolutionary ideas that change the world.
  • It gives you powerful insights and strengthens your intuitions.
  • Activates your sixth sense
  •  Boosts memory and health
  • This method uses your imagination to shape your real-life existence.


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